Almost Forgotten — June 2019 Music Mix

July 1, 2019

Almost Forgotten — June 2019 Music Mix
In which I give up, but carry on.

Almost Forgotten — June 2019 Music Mix

In which I give up, but carry on.

I assumed — and was proven correct when I checked the stats — that my Monthly Music Mix newsletter, like all the newsletters I’ve started, wasn’t being read. Whether it went to people’s spam folder (which I know was true as well) or they just don’t care for emails from me, I think I was the only one to ever open it.

That’s fine. But I’m not going to continue designing, writing and sending it. One fewer thing I have to worry about doing each month. I’ll continue to post mixes here (for the time being). I think one or two people may check it out. No idea if anyone actually listens to the playlists, but whatever.

Here’s this month’s mix. I almost forgot to finish it. I’ve been doing a lot of shit. I have a piece in the works with details. Coming soon. For now, here’s June’s Monthly Music Mix:

Listen on Google Play and Napster (courtesy Melody):