Date: November 10, 2019
Time: 1845 hours
Location: Epoch Coffee, North Loop

November 11, 2019

Economic Rhetoric and Market Urbanism Notes

Contemporary unease with metaphors in science has a long tradition. Aristotle conceived of logic, rhetoric, and poetry as different realms and, additionally, proposed that language has a different function (and therefore should have a different composition) in each. Metaphorical expression occurs in rhetoric as well as in poetry, but while similes are useful in prose as well as in verse, [they] must be sparingly used . . . in the same way as metaphors.” Metaphor adds charm” and even <”clearness”> to rhetoric, but such devices of style” matter far less than substance: No one uses them in teaching mathematics!” The language of prose is distinct from poetry”).1

  1. Arjo Klamer and Thomas C. Leonard, So what’s an economic metaphor?”