Do Universities Create Socialists?

September 11, 2018

Do Universities Create Socialists?
The below was published in Quorum Report. My comments are in all caps throughout.

Commies on the University of Texas at Austin campus (source)

Do Universities Create Socialists?

The below was published in Quorum Report. My comments are in all caps throughout.

Grusendorf: Are We Funding Our Own Demise?

Former Rep. Kent Grusendorf seeks to set these youngsters straight about the realities of socialism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a soon to be a member of the US House of Representatives, has received a lot of public attention recently regarding her aggressive support of socialism. Cortez is not unique. [HE STILL HASN’T LEARNED HOW MANY SPACES GO AFTER A PERIOD.]

Despite the totality of world history and empirical evidence to the contrary, millennials have a more favorable opinion of socialism than of capitalism. In fact, polls indicate that a majority of millennials would prefer to live in socialist, fascist, or communist regimes than under capitalism. Wow! [REALLY? UNDER FASCIST OR COMMUNIST REGIMES? WHERE’S THAT STUDY? MAYBE THEY JUST LIKE COMMUNITY?]

We should not blame Cortez and other millennials for their views and ignorance of history. Americans send billion of dollars each year to institutions of higher education where liberal professors control and dominate the agenda.


Far too many colleges and universities have become de facto propaganda factories where professors, who have little experience in the real world, sow their seeds of hatred toward free markets into young minds who also lack real world experience. The minds of rich trust fund students, and those who feel disenfranchised, provide a fertile ground for such bias. Meanwhile an unwitting public, who work and thrive in a market driven system, continue to finance this very expensive effort where costs and tuitions are growing at rates substantially higher than the rate of inflation. [COSTS AND TUITION INCREASE BECAUSE THE STATE ISN’T FUNDING EDUCATION OR HIGHER EDUCATION. ALSO, WHEN’S THE LAST TIME HE SAT IN A COLLEGE CLASSROOM?]

Surveys indicate that young people know little about the founding of America, the founding documents, or the philosophy, which has provided the freedoms we all take for granted and which has allowed America to prosper. History has been edited, reality ignored, and the flames of hatred have been fanned –ostensibly to advance some illusive utopia with social justice without evil” profits –a reality unknown to the history of mankind. All the while the American public is paying the tab for this treacherous Alice in Wonderland ivory tower fantasy. [KENT OBVIOUSLY HASN’T SAT IN A SOCIAL STUDIES OR HISTORY CLASS RECENTLY. AND, YES, HIS CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS ON THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION *ARE* TRYING TO EDIT REALITY OUT OF TEXTBOOKS. AS FOR HIS MEMORY OF THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, WELL, IT’S KIND OF SHORT.]

Why do we continue to permit this to happen?

Our education institutions should provide accurate information regarding all systems. History is rich with examples of all systems and contrasts between market and command economies; East Germany v West Germany; North Korea v South Korea; Cuba v Bahamas; USA v USSR; etc. Without an accurate understanding of history, we are doomed to repeat the failures of history. [EVER SAT IN A COMPARATIVE POLITICS CLASS, KENT?]

Cortez said in one interview that capitalism has not always existed. That’s debatable; however, the concept of freedom has always existed. True, the term capitalism was coined in the mid-1800s and is often attributed to Karl Marx. A much better term for capitalism” is free enterprise”. Capitalism (free markets) is the essence of freedom. [IF ECONOMICS IS THE ESSENCE OF FREEDOM TO KENT, HE HAS A VERY LIMITED VIEW OF FREEDOM — AND LIFE.]

What today’s socialists fail to comprehend is that freedom, and societal wellbeing which liberty creates, cannot endure without free markets. Freedom cannot flourish without the right to fail and the opportunity to succeed. Freedom cannot survive without the prospect of profit and the profit motive. [HIS TWO SPACES AFTER EACH PERIOD IS REALLY, REALLY GETTING TO ME. FREEDOM CAN ABSOLUTELY FLOURISH WITHOUT THERE BEING LOSERS AND MASSIVE INEQUALITY. LIBERTY DOESN’T CREATE SOCIETAL WELL-BEING, EITHER. ESPECIALLY NOT IF THAT LIBERTY IS THE FREEDOM TO DENY OTHERS RIGHTS, PLACE PROFITS OVER PEOPLE AND STEP ON OTHERS TO GET YOUR OWN.]

The word profit” is probably one of the most misunderstood words in our vocabulary. Profit is not evil. Profit is simply a financial benefit. You might profit by changing jobs. You might profit by attaining a college degree. Each paycheck you receive represents the profit you earn by working instead of staying at home. The freedom to profit is the essence of economic freedom. [WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT GETTING RID OF PROFITS?]

The freedom to choose what you wish to buy, and what you wish to produce through your trade or profession, is the basis of a market economy. Markets are critical to assuring liberty. Just ask an immigrant who has lived in a command economy. [ASK AN UNINSURED PERSON UNDER THE UNITED STATES CAPITALIST SYSTEM HOW CRITICAL MARKETS ARE TO ASSURING LIBERTY — AND LIFE, ESPECIALLY PRE-OBAMACARE.]

A socialist government, which controls or owns the means of production, inherently restricts individual freedom. If government denies someone the right to sell you something, it therefore also prohibits you from buying that item. Limiting one side of the economic freedom equation inevitably restricts the other side. [NO AMERICAN SOCIALIST WANTS TO NATIONALIZE EVERY BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY. THIS IS A STRAWMAN ARGUMENT.]

A core economic freedom is simply the ability to profit from your work, including your savings. If you save, you might turn those savings into capital investments. Your car is a capital investment, which you may drive to work. A carpenter’s hammer is a capital investment. A kid with a lawnmower can profit from his labor by mowing lawns. [YOU’D THINK KENT HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING THAT DIDN’T BRING HIM A PROFIT. HMMM.]

Absent a profit motive, a society will not foster the innovation generated by a free society. Otherwise, why would the Chinese be stealing our intellectual property today? The Chinese people are brilliant, creative, wise; however, individual freedom (and therefore, the profit motive) is greatly restricted in China. [OR MAYBE BECAUSE IT’S EASIER TO STEAL THAN TO INNOVATE? ALSO, HAS HE LOOKED AT THE INNOVATIVE COMPANIES AND TECHNOLOGIES IN CHINA?]

Little innovation comes from command economies. Does anyone actually believe that if government ran the telephone company, or even if the telephone industry was as highly regulated as in America during most of the 20th century, that we would have smart phones today? We all know the answer to that question. [THOSE DAMN ANTI-TRUST LAWS! COMMAND ECONOMIES SHOULD BE COMMANDED BY CEOS!]

The profit motive results in greater innovation and productivity than any command economy. Free enterprise has therefore, resulted in greater social justice than any other system in history –just look at the comparisons. The rich or middle classes in some countries would gladly trade places with America’s poor –many risk their lives to do so. [JUST BECAUSE THE POOR IN THE UNITED STATES ARE POOR ON A HIGHER INCOME THAN THOSE WHO ARE POOR IN OTHER COUNTRIES DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT THAT THEY’RE ***STILL POOR***.]

To update and build upon an editorial by Thomas Sowell from several decades ago: Steve Jobs delivered more music to the masses than Beethoven; it was not the enlightened professors who brought light to the masses, it was Thomas Edison; it is not government bureaucrats who make sure the merchandise we want is readily available, it’s places like Costco, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and millions of small businesses. [WHICH ARE SUBSIDIZED BY GOVERNMENT DOLLARS — BOTH IN BUSINESS INCENTIVES, TAX INCENTIVES, WELFARE INCENTIVES (SINCE THEY DON’T PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES ENOUGH TO GET THEM OFF FOOD STAMPS, ETC. SOUNDS KINDA SOCIALISTIC TO ME.]

Markets deliver goods and services to us economically and efficiently without the shortages and surpluses inherently found in command economies. Without the profit motive, this huge benefit to society would not exist. Without the profit motive, millions have starved in command economies. That’s not social justice. [“MARKETS DOES NOT EQUAL PRIVATE COMPANIES.” GOVERNMENT IS REQUIRED FOR THERE TO BE MARKETS. THERE IS PLENTY OF LITERATURE OUT THERE DEMONSTRATING THAT SOME PUBLIC-PROVIDED SERVICES ARE MORE EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE THAN WHEN OFFERED BY PRIVATE PROVIDERS.]

Misguided, but well-meaning progressive professors seek what they view as social justice. Of that mindset Dinesh D’Souza says; The ingenuity of modern progressivism is that it produces nothing, but stakes a moral claim to the wealth produced by others in the name of social justice’.” [DINESH D’SOUZA IS A CRIMINAL. NOT THE BEST SOURCE.]

In an effort to take the same moral high road, many millennials express a desire to work in the non-profit arena. What they fail to realize, and are untold by their liberal professors, is that no enterprise is actually a non-profit, as someone invariably profits from the endeavors of the institution. Someone earns a profit in the form of a paycheck. We really do not have non-profits. Instead we have tax-exempt organizations; therefore, the non-profit’ labeling is actually only a tax classification. [JUST BEING A LITTLE DISINGENUOUS HERE, HUH, KENT?]

Colleges and Universities are tax-exempt institutions; however, professors take home handsome profits in the form of paychecks for limited hours actually worked. These paychecks are paid or subsidized by taxpayers, most of whom earn their livelihoods in the marketplace of freedom –the very system, which is being undermined daily, while ordinary citizens foot the bill. [OH, KENT. COMPLAINING ABOUT THE HOURS PROFESSORS WORK. HOW MANY HOURS DO TEXAS STATE LEGISLATORS WORK ON THE REGULAR?]

Yes, we are funding our own demise. [NO. YOU’RE NOT.]

Former Rep. Kent Grusendorf, a Republican from Arlington, served as Chairman of the Texas House Public Education Committee and later worked on school choice” at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin. [STILL AN IDIOT. AND TPPF IS EVIL.]