Fight Neoliberal Democrats Spreading Disinformation on Medicare for All

October 17, 2019

Fight Neoliberal Democrats Spreading Disinformation on Medicare for All
A couple of comments:

This Modern World, Tom Tomorrow, August 7, 2019

Fight Neoliberal Democrats Spreading Disinformation on Medicare for All

A couple of comments:

On those who denigrate public input into the governing process and would thus like to take decisions out of the political sphere and hand them over to experts,” judges and their wealthy funders:

It is my belief more people should be paying intense attention to the forms we are allowing our spaces to take to ensure the public’s role in creating, redefining and maintaining our places (the functioning of our local democracies) isn’t abrogated.

On erstwhile liberals” and Democrats” opposing Medicare for All:

It’s amazing some people who call themselves liberals” and Democrats” are so opposed to Medicare for All (M4A) just because they have the vague inkling that it might somehow someway in the future detract from their medical coverage or cost them more despite providing the entire country medical care.

The difference between M4A and a public option is the difference between health care and health insurance. Under our current system and a public option, you get to keep arguing about what your plan doesn’t cover and how much you have to pay not to receive care. Under M4A, you get health care and you pay your taxes and, if you don’t like it, you vote and get involved in our democracy. Like other civilized (and most not-so-civilized) countries.

Facts: Medicare for All (M4A) fixes and expands Medicare coverage to include all the things it currently doesn’t cover, including prescription drugs and dental care (all without premiums, co-pays, deductibles, etc.)!

Here are ways we can easily fund Medicare for All.

Educate yourself.