Junkyard Jeff

Junkyard Jeff

Junkyard Jeff

Jeff is one strong dog. I’ve always known it — sometimes we call him the junkyard dog” because he looks so rough. Years ago, he used to chew everything, including two-by-six blocks of wood and our bedroom windowsill. He’s eaten entire igloo-shaped doghouses. His stomach can take a beating. And, also, apparently, a flood of urine.

When the vet called around noon, she noted how stoic he is. She said it would be hard to tell when he’s in pain anyway— even when he is, his heart-rate sits at 70 and he doesn’t react. He truly is stoic. He’s like a CatDog. Very independent, curls himself into a little ball like a cat and sits in the sun. He grunts instead of barking. He’s very skeptical and inquisitive.

Jeff is being kept comfortable with strong IV pain medication. They’re going to start weaning him off that and onto oral drugs. A main priority is to manage his pain right now.

We also have to keep his bladder small using the catheter. I’m assuming he’ll be coming home with it. I’ll find out more when we visit tonight.

His kidney function continues to improve. And his bladder was completely fixed, no leakage.

So, overall, he looks well, she said. They’re just watching him a bit longer and waiting to get him eating and drinking before they send him home, likely tomorrow.

He’s a strong dog. But life is fragile, which is why we have to appreciate it — and those in ours — now.

Thank you all for your continuing help. It feels good to know people have your (Jeff’s) back. Thank you.


April 15, 2015