The Economy Rules: Taking the Public Out of Public Choice [IN PROGRESS]

December 19, 2019

You can rest assured that’s a tentative title.

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Date Started: December 19, 2019

September when the market urbanists’ condescending, incorrect arguments finally tipped my frustration meter. So, I ended up discovering a little thread in my disciplinary home of rhetoric called, correctly, the rhetoric of economics (or economic rhetoric). A bunch of reading led me to the late James Arnt Aune (see:, who I think wrote a key text examining the rhetoric of free marketers. Written 20 years ago, Selling the Free Market: The Rhetoric of Economic Correctness mentions Trump twice in passing. (He also wrote a really good, far-more-dense and academic look at Marxism and rhetoric.)

a footnote in one of Aune’s final works led me to Philip Mirowski’s work.

His Neoliberal Thought Collective project is very interesting. A lot of his stuff is in Duke University’s boundary 2:

Here’s a visual representation of my literary travels recently (covers of recently read books):

I took a quick detour to read Mirowski and others’ stuff on the use of rationality (and physics) by neoliberal economists and others to simultaneously justify their actions as logical and deny supposedly irrational others agency. I’ve noticed similarities the language used by free marketers and tech bros/cyberlibertarians.

So, I read through David Golumbia’s work. Highly recommend his short book on Bitcoin. He’s on Twitter @dgolumbia, too. And at