The End is Coming

November 20, 2017

The End is Coming
The end is coming soon.

The End is Coming

Painting by Brianna Keeper,

The end is coming soon.

I promised to end this journal at the beginning of 2018, and we’re almost there.

I’ve done a pretty good job of refraining from writing. When I get the urge, I just remind myself that there’s really nothing I can or would say that will change anyone’s mind or make any real impact. I remind myself that the few who read this will quickly forget they did. And I remember that, if we’re honest, I have little to say that someone else isn’t already saying. There’s plenty of nonsense out there on the Web without me adding to it.

In fact, I’ve taken to informing individuals on Facebook comment threads at least once a day that they’re morons. Someone writes something stupid as a comment on a news story? You’re a moron.” It releases some of my anger and brings reality to the attention of the commentator. Works every time.

Yes, it’s useless and mean. But it takes less time than writing an entry here does. And it requires far less thought and none of the mental gymnastics required to try to cover every chink in one’s argument. That’s one of the things that has made me like writing less and less: the need to cover all my bases before hitting Publish.” The feeling that, if I don’t address this possible side argument, the whole piece is a failure or at least subject to (expected) criticism. What’s the point?

I could write the longwinded pieces that so many on Medium seem to love. But I thought brevity was a virtue, and I like to stop when I’ve said what I have to say. Sometimes I just want to stop. I don’t want to spend hours on every piece making sure I’ve sealed my argument up airtight. But that seems to be required — or, at least, I require it from myself — and I’m not willing to do it any longer.

And, anyway, who reads this nonsense any more? Why am I bothering to type even these words? The time when people actually read my writing is long gone. (By people,” I mean those I don’t know.) Years ago, I met people through my writing. (Back when the Web was AOL, text and porn and little more.) Those days are long over. No one — even those I met through my writing — is likely to read this.

It won’t be long before they won’t have me to kick around any more. Not on this platform anyway.

The end is coming.