Why I Make Mixes & December 2019 Mix

December 30, 2019

Date: December 30, 2019
Time Started: 1:27 PM CT
Location: Epoch Coffee

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You can rely on Ian and the guy-who-really-likes-mayonnaise to aurally drown you in 90s pop rock when they’re slinging caffeine at Epoch. Just played: Fastball, Smash Mouth, Ace of Base, Dispatch. I have to wonder, is this my 90s playlist?

It’s not. It’s been many years since I controlled a retail or service environment’s soundtrack. Most memorable, of course, was being given command of Fourth Street Tobacco’s stereo when Stephanie ran the joint (back when the tobacco shop existed as a separate entity inside Halcyon and there were no plans to put in a street-level sidewalk at Fourth and Lavaca).

Last night, Stephanie, now-co-owner of the multi-location Bennu, messaged me this short video of her singing along to a Death Cab for Cutie with her son, Colin:


She wrote:

The rest of our conversation expresses pretty clearly why I still make these mixes:

Indeed, the new mix is available at inadequate.net/mixes.html. While entitled Artists of the Year,” note that doesn’t mean these are new artists or songs from new albums. They’re just the artists I enjoyed the most this year. A couple of the songs, such as the one by Gundreda, who I just learned of through the reliably good kid with a vinyls monthly mix, are one-offs.

My most significant experiment with this month’s mix is the splicing-in of a shortened original version of Someday” after the Julia Jacklin cover. I also played around with the timing and transitions between a few of the tracks to kill dead air. I didn’t spend too long on it — Misty was watching over my shoulder rushing me out the door as I did my audio editing. (If I had my druthers, there would probably be another beat — maybe a beat and a half — before Luke Lalonde came in.) But let me know what you think.

I loved Sleater-Kinney’s album this year. Something about The Center Won’t Hold” just seemed to speak to the zeitgeist of uncertainty on the cusp of 2020. I spent days listened to the album in the car trying to decide on the song to include in this month’s mix and, finally, relented and stuck in two. I included Absofacto to close out my year of congratulations to Jon for being signed by a major label (better than proofreading history textbooks, I’m betting). Ralph Pelleymounter is just excellent; I look forward to seeing him live when he makes it to the States next.

Track List:

  1. Ralph Pelleymounter — Get Drunk, Get High

  2. The Beths — Happy Unhappy

  3. STRFKR — Never Ever

  4. Sleater-Kinney — The Dog. The Body.

  5. Gundreda — Cigarette Brunette

  6. Julia Jacklin — Someday

6.5 The Strokes — Someday (William’s edit)

  1. Luke Lalonde — Two Minutes to Midnight

  2. Absofacto — History Books

  3. Antarctigo Vespucci — Breathless on DVD

  4. Gauche — Rent (v.)

  5. Charly Bliss — Hard to Believe

  6. Sleater-Kinney — Bad Dance

Bonus: The Beths — Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Finally, I included my favorite Christmas song (not counting Alvin and the Chipmunks) as performed by The Beths, another band I fell in love with this year, as a bonus track.

Listen to the mix at www.inadequate.net/mixes.html.


Stopped: 3:07 PM CT